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Desmotec _ V.Mini


Improve your power, speed and timing, complete your therapeutic courses, work on prevention and warm-up, and reproduce technique-specific gestures with an Innovative, Compact, Super-Light and Transportable but extremely Functional tool

The different work modes carrying up to 4 different loads and the variety of attachments make the V.Mini a versatile and adaptable tool for every type of movement, ideal for physical training and rehabilitation both outdoors and indoors.

Thanks to light weight and its small dimension, take it with you wherever you want: on the court, in the gym or in the studio… Every anchorage is possible so you can use it in the right place for you!

From the ground to the wall bar, from poles, racks and columns to any support via the universal attachment, the new attachments have been specially designed to allow you to perform a complete workout in any situation.

The Desmotec technology utilizes the principle of isoinertial working for emphasizing eccentric contraction and ideal for more musculotendinous, myofascial and neurological work than traditional methods. Controlled and modulated work that constantly adapts to the user’s abilities.

Thanks to the brand new Desmotec APP, you will be followed step-by-step with assembly, maintenance and usage tutorials, and you will be able to get advice from multiple examples of exercises in both sports and physiotherapy. 


Power, strength, speed, timing, complete freedom of action combined with maximum portability and the possibility of anchoring it anywhere make the V.MINI an ideal performance tool.
A compact and light device that can be used in any situation and in all phases of preparation: from prevention to warm-up to improving the specific dynamic technical gesture.


Compact, light, transportable and attachable to any support, the V.MINI makes it possible to work on every body segment in the various phases of rehabilitation: from prevention, to re-education, to treatment of specific gestures.

A smart device combined with a flexible, modular and adaptable technology that allows the therapist total freedom of movement for all needs and can be integrated into all treatment paths.


It improves timing and reaction time. Four different work intensities ideal for warm up and specific technical gesture strengthening.
A light, compact and transportable device designed for both indoor and outdoor training.


Eccentric and strength-reactivity work also on the track thanks to the different attachments designed for v:MINI makes it an adaptable product for every situation.

Pre-competition breathing, training, reproduction of specific gestures and eccentric work for increased performance in all conditions.